What You Need to Know About Red Light Running Accidents

Red light car accidents are all too common across the United States. Maybe the driver thought they had more time before the light changed from yellow to red or perhaps they were distracted by their phone. In other cases, an impaired or fatigued driver is to blame. Regardless of the cause, red light accidents can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Victims may be left with severe or even fatal injuries, and vehicles are often totaled.

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Taking the Right Steps After a Red-Light Accident

If you get hit by someone running a red light, taking the proper steps right away can save your claim and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. We recommend:

  • Calling the police. You absolutely need a police report. It is a key part of the evidence that insurance companies use to determine fault.
  • Gathering evidence. Before leaving the scene, take photos of the damage, the crash scene, and any injuries you suffered.
  • Exchanging information. You should exchange contact and insurance information with the other party. Consider doing this through the police officer on-site if the other party is belligerent or aggressive.
  • Seeking medical care. Getting a checkup after an accident is always recommended. It rules out serious injuries and creates a paper trail linking your injuries to the car accident.
  • Hiring an attorney. If you’re injured, you may be entitled to compensation. However, it’s unlikely that the liable party’s insurance company will pay up without being pushed to do so. An attorney can fight on your behalf.

Liability is a Huge Part of Your Claim

Determining liability is crucial if you want to be compensated for your losses. This is especially important in Alabama, where the contributory negligence principle is in place. This means that you will be unable to recover any compensation if the court finds that you share any liability for the accident.

While this rule is always an issue for victims, it is especially problematic in red light accidents. If the other side can persuade the court that you could have taken evasive action and stopped the accident, you risk walking away with nothing. You need an aggressive attorney who can get a fair settlement in negotiations or make your case in court.

What if the Other Party Wants to Settle Without Insurance?

We’ve all heard stories of accidents where one party begs to handle the situation “without involving insurance.” Here’s how most of them end—the wronged party doesn’t get the money they’re owed, can’t file a claim through insurance, and is left high and dry. If the other party doesn’t want to involve their insurance company, that’s an even bigger sign that you absolutely must handle the accident through the insurance company.

Avoid getting into an argument with them about it. Simply call the police and insist on exchanging insurance information. It’s also recommended that you gather as much evidence as possible. Someone who wants to skirt the rules by not reporting an accident to their insurance company may also be willing to lie to their insurance company about how the accident happened.

Why You Need an Attorney

A personal injury attorney is recommended for every type of car accident, but they are very useful after red light accidents. These types of accidents often happen at higher speeds and cause substantial damage. It’s likely that you are entitled to compensation for everything you lost in the accident, and with an attorney, you actually stand a chance of getting a full and fair settlement.

Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim with Hedge Copeland

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