The Dangers of Settling Too Soon in an Auto Accident Claim

You have been injured in a car accident and it’s obvious the other party is at fault. You might think it’s an easy path to a fair settlement. The other party’s insurance company has even called you already, offering their condolences and making it clear they want to settle quickly. This might be promising to you, but it actually means you’re at risk of settling too soon after a car crash. Taking the first offer given to you can leave you without the money you need to pay medical bills and cover other accident-related expenses.

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Give Yourself Time to Get Your Injuries Evaluated

First, you need to give yourself some time to figure out the extent of your injuries. The settlement offered by the insurance company is based on what they already know about your injuries, which likely isn’t very much.

Immediately after an accident, you may have a headache and some muscle soreness. Imagine you accept a settlement that covers your property damage and only minor injuries. Days later, your headache worsens and leaves you unable to get out of bed. It turns out you have a traumatic brain injury.

Unfortunately, since you’ve already accepted a settlement, you can’t go back and ask for more. The rest of the expenses related to your brain injury are yours to pay.

It’s important to hold off on a settlement until you know the full extent of your injuries. This gives you a better understanding of your prognosis, how long it will take to improve, and the overall impact the injury will have on your quality of life.

Anyone Who Rushes You to Make an Immediate Decision is Not on Your Side

The insurance company may do a good job of convincing you that they are on your side. They may even tell you that their offer is the best you’re going to get and/or that hiring an attorney will only result in you losing a big chunk of your settlement. Do not trust them—they do not have your best interests in mind.

Insurers know that convincing you to take a settlement quickly gets them off the hook for any injuries that may come up later on. You want to talk to someone who is on your side and will actually do what’s right for you. A personal injury attorney can make sure you are aware of your options and help you make the best choice. Initial consultations are almost always free of charge, so you have nothing to lose but a little bit of your time to become fully informed.

You Need Time to Understand the Financial Fallout of Your Accident

It takes time to know just how much a car accident will impact you financially. You may not have any accident-related expenses yet, but do you know what other costs may be coming your way? You could have to spend days, weeks, or even months away from work. A fair settlement will compensate you for that lost time, but you’re unlikely to get a fair settlement if you take the first offer.

You could also have medical bills coming your way but accepting the first offer you get could leave you unable to pay them. The financial impact of a car accident has a ripple effect, reaching every part of your financial well-being and stability. You deserve time to look into the costs associated with an accident and make a choice based on that.

If taking a settlement offer too quickly isn’t the right choice, then how do you get what you deserve after a car crash? You talk to a personal injury attorney who can investigate your claim and communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. The team at Hedge Copeland can fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Find Out How Hedge Copeland Can Help You with Your Claim

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