Apps You Should Always Have on Phone in Case of an Accident

No one plans to get in a car accident. And yet, in Alabama, there’s a crash reported every four minutes or so. Knowing this, it’s important to be prepared. It’s better to have the apps on your phone and never need them than to end up in a crash and not have the resources you need.

Whether you have an Android or Apple phone, there are plenty of apps that can help you get the information and evidence you need after a collision. Start preparing now, and if you need to discuss a car accident case, call Hedge Copeland at 251-432-8844.

Your Insurance Company’s App

Even if you aren’t ever involved in a collision, this is a useful app to have on hand. If your insurance policy includes benefits like roadside assistance or free towing, you can just pull up your app. It’s much easier than trying to find a physical ID card and figure out how to take advantage of you benefits you pay for.

When you are in an accident, this app could help with making a claim. Many insurance providers’ apps have features that allow you to submit crash photos directly, make claims from your phone, and check the status of your claims.

Vehicle Manufacturer’s App

If you invested in a warranty or service plan when you purchased your vehicle, make sure you have the app for it on your phone. It can help you find local repair shops, access roadside assistance and towing benefits, and schedule repairs.

Collision Call

Available on both Android and Apple phones, Collision Call reaches out to emergency services whenever it detects a crash. The app tracks your location and calls emergency services when it notes abnormal high-speed movement. Due to how it works, it uses a lot of battery life, so it’s best suited for those who are able to charge their phones while driving.


SOSmart gives drivers an easy way to seek help when they are involved in a car crash. Set your emergency contacts when you set up the app and give it permission to reach out to them if you are involved in a collision. Even if you don’t start the app before driving, it will still turn on automatically and track your drive for your safety. If you are involved in an accident, it contacts loved ones and first responders so you can get the help you need. Looking for medical care after a crash? Use the SOSmart hospital listings and directions to find a provider.


If you do not have a dash cam in your vehicle, this may be a viable solution. However, since it does rely on your phone’s battery life and camera quality, it’s still worth considering front and back dash cams at some point in the future. CamOnRoad records everything when you’re driving, making it easy to save footage from a crash for use during negotiations.

Black-and-white proof of what happened during a collision is often enough to force an insurance company to negotiate fairly. However, remember that dash cam footage can also be used against you, so consult your personal injury attorney before handing over the footage you have.


It’s always good to refresh your memory about what to do when an accident happens. Call the police, take photos, get contact information, and so on—but can you remember all of that when a crash actually happens? When adrenaline takes over, it’s hard to think clearly about what comes next. AxiKit helps you by talking you through each step, saving photos of the crash scene, recording your retelling of the accident, saving the GPS coordinates of the accident, and creating a basic crash report.

While car crash apps can help you take the right steps after an accident, don’t forget the most important one. Hiring an attorney is one way to fight for fair compensation and make sure you don’t get cheated by the insurance company.

Hedge Copeland—Here for You After Your Accident

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